Lani has been practicing counseling for over 10 years.  

Her experience includes:

  • Residential Treatment Centers for Eating Disorders
  • Inpatient Treatment for Behavioral Health
  • Partial hospitalization for Eating Disorders & Behavioral Health
  • Intensive outpatient for Eating Disorders & Behavioral Health 
  • Group therapy, and family group therapy
  • Private counseling services for Individuals, Couples, and Families

Her Approach:

  • Relational Therapy – We hurt in relationships and we heal through relationships. 
  • Narrative Therapy – Knowing and writing parts of your story to understand more of how clients view themselves and their stories. To know your value system. 
  • Client Centered – Client leads where they want to go, the focus is on the client not a theory.
  • Lani does not ask her clients to do anything she has not done or is not willing to do herself.  
  • Lani does not take the approach of codependency in Relationships.  She believes we are only as needy as our unmet needs.  If you have experienced your partner having an affair or discovered they are a sex addict, this does not equal you being codependent, what HAS happened is trauma and betrayal. 
  • Lani wants to work with you on your healing journey, to explore what direction of healing is a fit for your unique self.
  • Lani believes firmly in Post Traumatic Growth from pain.  

On a more personal note:

Lani was born and raised in Hawaii.  She lived overseas for part of her childhood in the Philippines as her parents are missionaries. Lani has lived in lots of states: Hawaii, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, and Texas.  She is very familiar with transitions and change.  For hobbies Lani enjoys going to musicals, camping with her husband and daughter, and walking her two cute corgis.